Monday, September 17, 2012

First time for everything!

This is my first blog and I am very excited what might fill my blank space.  I have always wanted to be a blogger but never thought that I would have enough to share.  Now, I have many things that I want to say without caring who hears it.  Life is a funny thing, you think that being a good person entitles you to a charmed life when in fact no one on earth leads a charmed life.  We all grow up thinking that life will be easy following a given path but life continuously throws us curves and life seemingly hangs in the balance. This is my space that allows me to hang in the balance and go with the flow. Feel free to interact, agree or disagree with my post, all thoughts and feelings are welcomed.

I am a mother of two children who have tested my love on many occasions and I love my children dearly, raising children is a funny thing such as life.  We raise them with goals and their moral compass in mind and just like life, the foundation is secure but their lives are different.  They cant always be our examples and so we need to continuously be an example in life.  This blog will talk about womanhood, motherhood and being a wife.  My life is basic and generalized like all although each and every life different from the next.   A place to hear my voice out loud and feel accepted life unconditional love.

This is it for now, just wanted to set the tone for what to expect while I figure out how blogging works.  If you know how to blog and are a goddess at blogging please feel free to send instructions my way.

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