Sunday, January 5, 2014

Life with Unconditional Love: Messages

Life with Unconditional Love: Messages: When delivering a message, delivery is EVERYTHING! If you want the message to be well received be constructive in how you delivery the messa...


When delivering a message, delivery is EVERYTHING! If you want the message to be well received be constructive in how you delivery the message.  Many messages of any kind takes a special handling, timing is everything as well.  Between finding the right time and means of conveyance do not lose sight of what's important....being heard!

Have you had to deliver a message lately? How was it received?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Second Chances

Turn the other cheek immediately comes to mind. How many times should one turn the other cheek? The person we are giving a second chance is not God, are they worthy of our chances no matter the number given or willing to give? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jesus Lives

Merry Christmas to all who all share in the belief and miracle of Jesus. It has been a wonderful morning that I assumed would be plagued with doom and despair. Thanksgiving was hard being the first holiday after my Mothers passing. So, I assumed Christmas would essentially be the same. 

I woke up happy that Santa made a special appearance and the joy on those little faces warmed my heart. So this Christmas my tears were not about the loss of my mother but tears because she existed and taught me to trust, depend, believe and trust in the name and works of Jesus. Merry Christmas friends and family!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


There are friends in your life that will be there no matter the consequences. Then, there are friends who are merely associates masked as friends who tend to come and go. Whether they are true or not matters less, what did they bring to your life?  Everyone we meet brings about a change to our existence whether noticeable at the moment or not. There are lessons to be learned in the friends we have and the masked associates as well. What have you learned from either of yours?

Friday, December 20, 2013

"F**K the American Dream"

I was leaving work the other night and needed gas, this message "F**k the American Dream" was spray painted on the body of a gas pump.  I immediately thought, how rude!  Why would someone say that?  How did the American Dream not come true for that person?  

Then, my next thought was about the area of town I was in....why this mattered to me was classiest and discriminatory.   We all tend to discriminate on an unconscious level but racism never entered my mind.  I began to think about the soul and spirit of someone who chooses to degrade objects while conveying a personal message.  

This person had thoughts such as I, but the message on a gas pump will never help that person to achieve the American Dream.  Does this person vote? Does this person attend Council meetings? Is this person doing anything besides lowering property values to make their lives better than it appears?

Then it hit me, sometimes we have thoughts that have nothing to do with our actions.  Faith without work is dead!  The American Dream means different things to different classes of people.  My American Dream would be different from another cultures and or races depending on our true foundation.  Some American Dreams are instilled rather some vision of our subconscious mind portraying imaginary in our heads of how we see our lives and possible futures. 

No matter what your version of the American Dream is...make it a dream that comes true at any personal cost.  It makes us fight for our existence, fight to make our voices heard, fight for freedom and equality, fight for our rights to live in the land of the free and home of the brave!  The American Dream is not some TV show that comes on yearly, its everyday life and existence.  What are you doing with your time above ground?

The other night while pumping gas, I realized that this person choose to degrade others property to express his thoughts.  Platforms matter, make sure that you are not wasting your voice on something that could literally go up in flames..... 

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Change is something that most people fear but change is what I appreciate the most. Evolution is spiritual in a sense because as the earth evolves, so do we. Why is change hard or not expected?  Why would you not want constant change?

Your thoughts?